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Our pizza is a Neapolitan style thin crust pizza with a slightly charred crust, and all fresh ingredients. All our toppings are fresh and simple made at our restaurant in the LaTavola style of the high-quality standards our customers are accustomed to. We use fresh whole milk mozzarella imported fine Italian cheese. Our sauce is fresh crushed tomatoes with our own spices to make it taste to perfection. In addition to the pizza, we will also supply a fresh tossed salad, cappuccino & espresso, and Gelato for the party. All the utensils and paper products are brought with us so you need not worry about any of that. In addition to the pizza, we also offer you anything off our full catering menu at the time of the party. For more information or to book your next party, please contact Pasquale Salvatore 203-755-2233